…it’s not just about the past…..

The Pilton Story is not just about the events of our history, but aims to collect today’s stories for future readers.  Here’s one such story.

The Queen's Diamond Jubilee Party at the Upper Almshouses on 4th June 2012

The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee was celebrated at Nos 2 and 3 Upper Almshouses in Pilton on 4th June 2012. Almshouse residents Betty Pyne (left) and Nancy Baglow (third from left) celebrated with neighbours and family, from left to right: Betty Pyne, Julie Cann, Nancy Baglow, Caroline Isaac, David Baglow (Nancy’s son), Henry (Nancy’s great-grandson), Jessica (partly hidden, Nancy’s great-granddaughter), Jo Baglow (David’s daughter-in-law), Gale Barlow (married to David Baglow), Jimmy Isaac (married to Caroline), Kate Taylor and Megan (future daughter-in-law of David).  Apart from anything else, we are unlikely to have another Diamond Jubilee for a British Monarch for at least 80 years.

Photograph by Martin Haddrill.

Pilton has changed in 42 years

Alena Cartmell interviews Margaret Scott and Pat Colwill from Pilton WI

Pat Colwill and Margaret Scott of Pilton Women’s Institute (WI) visited The Pilton Story during the drop-in opening time (5 – 7pm) on 21st May 2012 bringing with them albums and stories from their 42 year history in Pilton.  It formed in 1970, because development in North Devon brought many new people and lots of new housing to Pilton – particularly around Bellaire, Northfield and Littabourne.

Interviewed at length by junior reporter, Alena Cartmell, Pat and Margaret revealed how different life was then.  Margaret explained, “In newly-built Lynbro Road there was lots of mud when it rained and we had to put our wellies on to get to Northfield Lane to walk into town.  We didn’t have a car.”  Pat said, “Mobile phones didn’t exist then and people were a lot friendlier and got to know their neighbours much quicker than today.”  They also revealed that in those days TVs were small and black and white only and there were miniskirts, hot pants, the start of rock and roll and Elvis was ‘king’.

Margaret was a nurse at the ND Infirmary and then became a school nurse for 17 years and a School Governor at Pilton Infants School.  Pat worked for Boots the Chemist as a pharmacist and then, being an excellent seamstress, moved to altering uniforms for the nurses at the new ND District Hospital.  She was a Governor at Chaddiford Lane School, now Pilton Community College.  Even in those days, Pilton Church Hall was already well used with a Badminton Club and Pilton Playgroup (follow this link to see Playgroup in 1969) and, of course the WI.  And there are other photographs of Pilton WI on The Pilton Story Archive.