Memories at a Tea Party

A very successful afternoon tea party was held at the Victoria Tea Rooms in Pilton Street on Thursday 20th December 2012 for the residents and trustees of the Pilton United Charities Almhouses.  Armed with loads of photographs and some of the more interesting documents from The Pilton Story archive, the Story team explained to an audience of over 20 squeezed into the cosy Tea Room what had been collected in the first 9 months of its existence.

Pilton Primary School Pupils 1948

After showing the oldest item in the archive – a photograph of the Desborough family at Broadgate Villa – and the newest – a photograph of the Movember 2012 group in The Reform Inn – discussion moved to those items which had been most visited. The top place is a photograph of the Rev James and Mrs Connie West from the 1970s with nearly 350 hits.  Second is the snowy view from Pilton House at Christmas 96 years ago in 1916, and third is a photograph of Pilton Primary School pupils (above) in 1948, well within the memories of most of the guests.

The tea party has prompted enormous interest in The Pilton Story which we hope will lead to further submissions of family and Pilton photographs and other material in the New Year.