The Bull Hill Skull

The skull found in the cellar of Bull Hill House

Some people have never heard of Bull Hill House in Pilton and even more have never heard of the Bull Hill skull.  A few have heard rumours.  One or two know the facts.

When the current owners acquired Bull Hill House from the National Trust in March 2013, they decided that finding out about this skull would make a good first project whilst they awaited the planning permission that would allow them to create – ultimately – not just an historic home but something of a community asset.

The story begins about forty years ago with Mr Corney, in the garden, with a spade …………

Lovers of pirates, Hallowe’en and Cluedo, please visit The Pilton Story archive (click on this link) for the amazing story of the skull found in the cellar of Bull Hill House.

Pilton Park Flooding on 3rd January 2014

Flooding of Pilton Park on 3rd January 2014

Under the influence of high spring tides, low pressure, strong SW winds and high flows in the River Yeo, Pilton Park was seriously flooded early on 3rd January 2014, the water depth reaching about a metre and all the benches and rubbish bins being submerged. It is, however, supposed to do that, providing flood storage to protect the surrounding residential areas.